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CrossFit is the signature program focusing on high intensity functional movement. It draws from gymnastics, cardiovascular endurance, Olympic weightlifting and a little bit of everything else. The goal is to become adept in a strong, general fitness.Every session is coached in a class format. Most WODs (workout of the day) have a warm-up, strength or technique component, then the main WOD and a cool down. Each class takes 1 hour on average.

Amatak BootCamp

This will be for those of you who want a solid general fitness in a class format and coaching provided. This program provides classes three times a week with a different workout each day. Bootcamp does not include free access to workshops but you can attend for a small per-session fee. Sessions are approximately 45 Minutes.

On Ramp

This course is required for anyone who wants to do CrossFit and has not completed a similar course at another CrossFit affiliate. Both performance and safety are a top priority and we want you all to have a solid foundation. On Ramp is 6 sessions over two weeks. Each class will be a 1-hour introduces key skills and includes a workout. This course runs at the beginning of every month depending on demand includes access to CrossFit WODs the rest of the month, following the foundation sessions


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