PM Service Staff (Part Time)

May 2022

Job Responsibilities

  • Check in Members – Using computer system.
  • Handle Monthly Fees – Log payments in computer, take payments, close books.
  • Explain Gym Programming to Customers and Tour Facilities
  • Wash & Fold Towels – Washing machine and dryer.
  • Help Clean – Keep an eye on gym and spot-clean sinks, pick up towels, cups, some sweeping and mopping; this is not primarily a cleaning position, but it is all staff’s responsibility to help keep things tidy.


  • Excellent EnglishMust be able to communicate in good English (40% of our members are international), if you cannot, do not apply.
  • Fun, Exciting Personality & Confident You will often be the first point of contact with new clients, you must be confident in speaking and explaining.
  • Computer LiterateFamiliar with data entry and comfortable with a computer (not just a phone).
  • Willing to clean – This is part of the job.

Preferred but not required

  • Interest in Fitness –If you want to get healthier, we will provide access to our classes.

Download the full job description below for more details and how to apply.

Download Job Description