Get Started

For Newbies:

If you are new or just returning to fitness, or are just curious, come join a free Bootcamp class. Select the Bootcamp time that fits with your schedule and select “Free Trial” (you can only use this once).

Step 1

Free First Bootcamp Class

If you're coming from a traditional gym routine, spinning, sports, other athletic activity, or are trying to get in shape after a long break, start here. Come into one of our Bootcamp classes. The coaches can explain a bit more about the theory behind CrossFit, why it works and the difference between Bootcamp and CrossFit.
Step 2

Sign Up

After your intro workout, our coaches will be around for questions and comments. We’ll talk to you about your schedule and fitness and health goals, our different programs, and work with you to find the right solution and get you signed up.

Commit to CrossFit:

If you are ready to pull the trigger and sign up, or if you have a background in CrossFit, we offer a couple of paths to join up.

Option 1

Ready to Commit

If you have read about others' experience and just want to jump into it, but don’t have a background, go ahead and sign up for the next On-Ramp course. These are usually offered every 6 weeks depending on capacity. The Group On Ramp is 6 classes over two weeks (usually in the evening) and also includes 2 weeks of CrossFit so this is a full month of fitness. We also offer a Private On Ramp course scheduled directly with the Coach. These are 4 one-on-one classes plus up to 2 weeks of CrossFit.
Option 2

Experienced CrossFitters

If you’re a CrossFitter who has attended a CrossFit foundations or On-Ramp course at another gym and has at least one month’s CrossFit experience, you are welcome to join our CrossFit training. Please contact us with a brief description of your CrossFit background and sign up for a drop in class here by clicking on the class time you’d like to attend to reserve your spot.