Get Started

Commit to CrossFit:

If you are ready to pull the trigger and sign up, or if you have a background in CrossFit, we offer a couple of paths to join up.

Option 1

Ready to Commit

If you have read about others' experience and just want to jump into it, but don’t have a background, go ahead and sign up for the next On-Ramp course. These are usually offered every 6 weeks depending on capacity. The Group On Ramp is 6 classes over two weeks (usually in the evening) and also includes 2 weeks of CrossFit so this is a full month of fitness. We also offer a Private On Ramp course scheduled directly with the Coach. These are 4 one-on-one classes plus up to 2 weeks of CrossFit.
Option 2

Experienced CrossFitters

If you’re a CrossFitter who has attended a CrossFit foundations or On-Ramp course at another gym and has at least one month’s CrossFit experience, you are welcome to join our CrossFit training. Please contact us with a brief description of your CrossFit background and sign up for a drop in class here by clicking on the class time you’d like to attend to reserve your spot.