Amatak Ladies & Gents:
We have a lot of changes happening that we are excited to share with you. These will go into effect Monday 18 May. Let’s dive into it!

New Schedule

We’ve all noticed classed getting full, particularly during the Prime Time classes at 6:30AM and 5:30PM for CrossFit and the 4:45PM Bootcamp. To help address this, we’re adding additional sessions, and shifting a few others around. These changes will go into effect starting next week on Monday 18 May.

Amatak Calendar 11MAY15 v3b


5, 6 & 7 PM Classes

We’ve changed the time but added on one more class! This should help us balance out evening demand. Starting Monday 18 May, there will be 3 evening CrossFit Classes at 5PM, 6PM and 7PM. AM and lunch time classes remain unchanged.

Open Gym

We’ve had a lot of requests for this and we are excited to provide CrossFit members with Open Gym! This is a good time for you to come in on your own and make up a WOD or do side work (get those pull-ups!). This is available to CrossFit and Bootcamp members with a monthly membership or above; 10-Pass holders may use one of their sessions for Open Gym. Non-Amatak members are also welcome to use our facilities for a drop-in fee of $8. Open Gym will be available Monday through Friday following our lunch session until 4PM.

Note: A coach will NOT provide workout or feedback we’re just there for quick questions and to oversee equipment.


Bootcamp has the most significant changes. We are adjusting and adding several classes as a trial. We will assess demand for this new schedule and may make changes later, thanks for your feedback!

7 AM Class: Meet at Gym, go offsite.

These classes will meet Mon/Weds/Fri at the gym and then move offsite to a sports field one street away. The main class will remain 45 minutes, but we’re blocking out an hour just for a few minutes of transport and setup time. The jog over to the sports field will be part of the warmup!

4:15 Class – 5 Days a Week

We’ve had to move this ahead 30 minutes to accommodate another CF class in the evening but we’re moving it to five days a week with unique programming for each day!

8PM Class

Thanks to your feedback we are keeping our night class and this will continue on Tuesday and Thursday, but now at 8PM!


All prices changes will go into effect for memberships or drop ins starting on or after Monday 18 May. All prices below are inclusive of 10% VAT (VAT has been in effect since we opened but you will now see the pre-VAT price on the website).


  • Monthly Unlimited – $110
  • 10-Pass – $115
  • CF 6-Months – $600
  • Drop In – $13
  • Open Gym Drop In – $8

CrossFit Skills & Drills and Mobility will continue to be part of the Monthly and 6-month memberships or available for use under the 10-pass or drop in option.


  • Monthly Unlimited – $70
  • 10-Pass – $75
  • Drop In – $8
  • Student Monthly
    [NEW] – $60, this is available to students 17 or younger only. Recently we’ve been getting more young people in, which is great, and we want to keep you all coming as we know many of your schools do not offer athletic programs.


Previously Yoga was included in the CrossFit Membership or as a $7 drop in. We’ve decided to move this to its own membership but we’re lowering the drop-in fee. This is available to both Amatak members (CrossFit & Bootcamp), as well as non-members so tell your yoga friends!

  • Drop In – $5
  • Yoga 10-Pass – $45

New Coaches

We are happy to welcome two new coaches to our midst to help with our expanding schedule. Please give both of these rockstars a big welcome when you see them!

Ryan Martz


Mr. Ryan Martz just completed his CrossFit Level 1 course in Malaysia and will be leading some Bootcamp classes to support Jenny, Yi and Corbett as well as assisting in some CrossFit classes. Ryan has been doing CrossFit for over four years and also did similar training during his time in the US Army. Ryan has a full time job as a computer programming wiz so will only be picking up a few classes a week.