CrossFit Amatak is happy to host Ms. Cassidy Duffield (USA) to teach two Olympic Weightlifting seminars. Each session will consist of two 4-hour classes. Day 1 will introduce and dive deep into the nuances of the Snatch, and Day 2 will transfer this over to the Clean & Jerk.

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The format will be a mixture of demonstration and practice. You’ll be paired up with a partner so that you can also learn by observing others. Each session will have a maximum of 20 people and be taught over 4 hours with two short breaks.

This seminar is designed for beginners as well as those with proficiency in the Oly lifts– advanced lifters will also get attention on how to refine their form.


Space is limited and filling up quickly. Use the link to reserve your spot, please drop off payment the week before your session between 12PM – 6PM.


Some experience with foundation lifts is required. If you do not know what a deadlift is or have never front squatted with free weights, this is not the right class for you.

  • Experience with the core lifts with free weights (no machines) – squat, deadlift and press.
  • You know what Snatch and Clean & Jerk are, even if you’re not able to do them.

There is no strict age limitation but please inform us in advance for young athletes.

About Cassidy –

Cassidy has been competing in Olympic Weightlifting since 2013 but in that time has already won 1 national championship and holds a state and national titles in the United States. She currently is the head Barbell coach at SLC CrossFit in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). She has taught over 6 Olympic Weightlifting seminars in the United States and this will be her first venture into Asia.