Amatakers –

We’re too irritated to come up with something clever to say. This outbreak was caused by people being selfish and fleeing quarantine. It was preventable. We are going to do our part for as long as it takes (or as long as we can stay in business), but please do what YOU can as well. Take precautions and avoid large crowds. This means personal sacrifice. It means postponing some big events. Everyone is tired of this, us too, but working together for the great good is the only way we’re going to get through this.

As per previous closures, we’ll put memberships on hold tomorrow for 2 weeks. This is the max we can do for financial reasons. This will be automatic (give us a couple of days to get it into the system).


Several members have said they do not want the hold to help the gym. We appreciate this. If you want to continue with no hold, please email us to OPT OUT of the automatic hold.

Corona Corps WODs

We will bring back the CORONA CORPS WODs on Friday 26 Feb. If you missed these last time, we do these DAILY, and they are designed so that you can do at home or with a small space.

YouTube Channel
Amatak Corona Corps Facebook Group

Gym Equipment Loan

Same as before, stop by the gym from 8AM – 6PM and we can loan things out. This is all happening at 8PM the night before so tomorrow AM we will still be getting things setup.

Thanks for understanding and check Facebook and Instagram for more updates. We’ll be monitoring the situation closely.

Corbett, Tim, Bonx, Ron, Mao, Mouth & The Amatak Crew