Covid Closure, Again (FEB 2021)

Amatakers –

We’re too irritated to come up with something clever to say. This outbreak was caused by people being selfish and fleeing quarantine. It was preventable. We are going to do our part for as long as it takes (or as long as we can stay in business), but please do what YOU can as well. Take precautions and avoid large crowds. This means personal sacrifice. It means postponing some big events. Everyone is tired of this, us too, but working together for the great good is the only way we’re going to get through this.

As per previous closures, we’ll put memberships on hold tomorrow for 2 weeks. This is the max we can do for financial reasons. This will be automatic (give us a couple of days to get it into the system).


Several members have said they do not want the hold to help the gym. We appreciate this. If you want to continue with no hold, please email us to OPT OUT of the automatic hold.

Corona Corps WODs

We will bring back the CORONA CORPS WODs on Friday 26 Feb. If you missed these last time, we do these DAILY, and they are designed so that you can do at home or with a small space.

YouTube Channel
Amatak Corona Corps Facebook Group

Gym Equipment Loan

Same as before, stop by the gym from 8AM – 6PM and we can loan things out. This is all happening at 8PM the night before so tomorrow AM we will still be getting things setup.

Thanks for understanding and check Facebook and Instagram for more updates. We’ll be monitoring the situation closely.

Corbett, Tim, Bonx, Ron, Mao, Mouth & The Amatak Crew


What program should I do?

We’ve received a lot of questions on what Program people should sign up for. So, a few quick responses on that.

First and foremost, we are a CrossFit facility. We believe the CrossFit approach will get you in this best state of fitness in our life. And we define health as fitness, so you’ll be the healthiest version of yourself as well. That being said, people are coming from different starting points or may just want to “test the waters” before making the financial commitment, we understand.

Who should do CrossFit?

Anyone who is serious and willing to commit to a serious change in their life. In CrossFit, we say we “program for the best, scale for the rest”. What this means is we can adapt our WODs (Workout of the Day) to whatever fitness level you are at. Over time, you will work your way up to the full Rx (“as prescribed”) weights that you will see the best athletes do.

Do CrossFit if:

  • You are ready to fully commit to a drastic change in your life.
  • You’re willing to commit 5 hours a week to your health.
  • You want to be stronger.
  • You want to be faster.
  • You want to improve performance in other sports or athletics.
  • You want to reduce back pain or other weak areas of your fitness.
  • You want to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Don’t do CrossFit if:

  • You refuse to sweat.
  • You give up when things are challenging.
  • You prefer to workout with an iPad while watching K-Pop and cat videos.
  • You need to look in the mirror as you work out (our mirrors are in the bathrooms, where they belong).
  • You will not commit the time and effort.

This is the truth – Our coaches will invest time, energy and emotion to make you the healthiest version of yourself, but this is a two-way commitment. We need you to attend classes a minimum of 3 times a week, but work up to 5 or 6 times a week. If you lay down the cash and do not show up, we may not renew your membership, really. We’re not piano teachers paid to deal with children who never practice and don’t put their heart into it. We and the community you will be a part of will commit to you, but it’s a mutual relationship.

Who should do Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a less technical high-intensity workout with less focus on strength (although there is some). Bootcamp is open to everyone to jump right in and is perfect for those who want to “test the waters” or just get a foundation in.

Do Bootcamp if:

  • You’ve not sweat in 3 years other than because of the Cambodian sun.
  • You think Coca Cola and water are the same thing.
  • You’re just passing through for a couple weeks, do not have a CrossFit background and want some guided fitness instruction (we have a 10-pass).
  • You’re not sure if you want to make the financial commitment to On-Ramp and CrossFit.

Don’t do Bootcamp if:

Bootcamp is beneficial to everyone but if you are already in decent shape, you should jump directly into the CrossFit “On-Ramp” course and move into CrossFit.


On Ramp is NOT an on-going program, it IS a 1-time CrossFit introductory course. Unless you have taken a similar course in the past three months or been doing CrossFit at an affiliate box for 6 months, this is required for all new CrossFit athletes. See our programs page for more info.

Thanks and let us know what questions or feedback you have,


– Coach Corbett


9 August – 1st Trial Class

We are still finishing up construction and working on our website but today we opened our doors to the first bunch of new people for our first free trial class. These free trials will be a regular option for a while, offered on Saturday and occasionally a weekday evening. Thanks to everyone for showing up!


Guided Warmup Movement Introduction 8 Min. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 1 Round =

  1. 10 Air Squats
  2. 10 Burpees
  3. 10 Sit-ups

Cool Down & Mobility

What should I expect in the free trial?

Well, you should expect a workout first of all! But, you’ll also get an introduction to how CrossFit works, how we schedule and price our programs and what the difference is between CrossFit and Amatak Bootcamp. You’ll learn about the 10 Modalities of fitness how CrossFit focuses on these to provide a solid foundation in all of them– building up strength, agility, stamina, speed and pretty much everything else you need to exceed in fitness and everyday life. You can learn more about our programs here or feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to schedule a one on one assessment. Thanks to everyone who joined, we hope you had as much fun as we did! Oh, and to the person who left their sandwich at the gym, thanks, it was delicious. – Coach Corbett & Coach Mike

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