Amatakers and Amatak Supporters,

We have now been closed since 25 February, that is 27 normal workdays for us. I won’t lie, times are tough. Last year we were able to pull through on 2019’s success, using that cash to offset expenses during closures. 2020 was actually a good year, for when we were open, but we were closed 54 days last year so that allowed us to get by, but not fully recover.

This year is tougher. And with the current number of COVID cases continuing to rise, April is looking to be difficult as well. We are looking to raise $9,000 to cover our expenses through April, this will get us by with some other help already planned. This will go toward salaries and rent. We are committed to maintaining all our staff through the closure. We will be doing a few things in the coming weeks to support you all and hopefully bring in some more funds. In the meantime, we welcome direct support (see below). We are also continuing our Corona Corps WODS and will have some updates to that in the next week!

And also, BBQ (See below)

“No Go” Membership

What is it?

Essentially you’re just purchasing a membership that you’ll likely not use, but if we open in 2 weeks, you’re ready to go. Just go here to our sign-up page, sign up as usual for ANY membership and we’ll email you the invoice. You can pay by ABA or in cash 7-7 Mon – Fri.

What you get

Peace of mind, good karma, hugs from Sreymao, kisses from Tim (with a mask) and a free thank you coffee as well as the general feeling of knowing you will help us be here with the closure ends. And maybe, some leftover membership.

Purchase Merch

We have the awesome new shirts designed by Janny and we should have another surprise shirt in 2 weeks, I’m actually working on the design now and all I can say is, chocolate (and there is a tease at the bottom of this email).

Live Abroad?

Please email Corbett directly and we can work this out through Paypal, Wise (Transfer Wise) or other options.

Another Idea?

Have another idea? Email us at . All ideas are welcome!

We continue to do daily workouts, 6 times per week, with our coaches online. You can access through the dedicated Facebook Group, or if you’re not a FB user, through the YouTube channel. We post these the night before, and encourage you all to post up photos, scores and pained faces  ; )

We realize it’s hard to keep the motivation going at home, we’re the same way. But, talk with your partner, get them to join, maybe even convince your dog, it’s always easier, and more fun with someone else.