All our programs are in a class format. This means you’ll never have to ask yourself, “what should I do today?” Instead, you come in, give it all you got, and the result will show itself quickly. Don’t think of our “Box” as a normal gym, instead think of it as semi-private instruction.

Commitment – Unlike other gyms that count on people who sign up for annual plans with the best intentions only to drop off after a couple of months, we invest directly in you. If you disappear for a couple of days, expect to hear from your fellow athletes and your coaches. We want you to be the best version of yourself, which is why our commitment to you is priority.


Monday – Friday: Early Mornings, Lunch, Evenings

Saturdays: Mornings, Early Afternoon

Sunday: Closed


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Push Up Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. Crossfit™ is the "sport of fitness" based on high intensity functional movement. CrossFit draws from gymnastics, cardiovascular endurance movements, Olympic weightlifting and a little bit of everything else. The goal is to become adept in a strong, general fitness that will help you in any athletic endeavor as well as day-to-day life. You'll be introduced to all the fun stuff– lots of barbell work, handstands, gymnastic ring work, pull-ups, kettle bells, tire flips and rowing. As a CrossFit athlete in our Monthly or Six-Month plan, you’ll also be provided free access to our “Skills and Drills” workshops every Thursday. We focus on the 10 components of fitness. You will become confident in all of them.
  1. Accuracy—the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.
  2. Agility—the ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.
  3. Balance—the ability to control the placement of the body’s center of gravity in relation to its support base.
  4. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance—the ability of body systems to gather, process and deliver oxygen.
  5. Coordination—the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
  6. Flexibility—the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.
  7. Power—the ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.
  8. Speed—the ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.
  9. Stamina—the ability of body systems to process, deliver, store and utilize energy.
  10. Strength—the ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.
If you can stick with it for six months, you’ll likely be in the best shape of your life.


Every session is coached in a class format, think of it as semi-private instruction. Your coach will be there to provide feedback on technique, prevent injury and cheer you on (along with the rest of the athletes). In addition, everything is timed or done for reps, meaning there is a small competitive aspect to help you push yourself further. Most WODs (workout of the day) are 1 hour long and consist of a warm-up, strength or technique component, then the main WOD, followed by a cool down. We program six weeks out to ensure we hit all aspects of your fitness and to reduce overstress of key muscles. If you are brand new, we recommend a minimum of three times a week but as you improve we’ll help you get to five times a week. Is it for you? CrossFit is for everyone, we can scale workouts to wherever you are coming from. Five hours of your time a week = best shape of your life.


We are trying to keep our pricing relatively simple, but at the same time, balance the realities of athletes who travel frequently, with running a business where all our equipment comes from abroad.

We are trying to keep our pricing relatively simple, but at the same time, balance the realities of athletes who travel frequently, with running a business where all our equipment comes from abroad.

Monthly Unlimited: $115

Monthly Student Unlimited (under 18): $90

3-Month Unlimited: $325

6-Month Unlimited: $640

Traveller Pass (1 week)*: $50

10-Pass*: $115

Drop In*: $13

*Must have completed an On-Ramp or foundations course or have done CrossFit with an affiliated box for at least one month.

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A solid introductory fitness course in a class format. Bootcamp is our general or introductory fitness program. This is ideal for those who are taking that first step towards a healthier life, or those who active in other sports and want to complement their training with a shorter time commitment. Count on a lot of high intensity body weight exercises, kettle bell and dumbbell work, pull-ups, medicine balls movements, running and a much, much more. If you’re looking for a small time commitment to shed a little weight, bring your blood pressure back in line and get your heart and lungs and the rest of your body in good functioning order, this is for you. Sign up for a few months and you’ll probably get addicted to the program and the friends you make, and want to make the jump to CrossFit to take it to the next level.


Bootcamp classes are three times a week, usually repeated on alternating days in case you need some flexibility on times. Each week will feature three unique workouts and the program is always changing so you should never be bored. Like CrossFit, all sessions are in a class format coached by one of our staff. We’ll introduce and practice the movements and we will assist with your form during the workout to prevent injury while encouraging you to push yourself to get the maximum impact. Sessions are approximately 45 Minutes and include a warm-up, introduction to the movements, the main Bootcamp WOD (Bootcamp Workout of the Day) and a cool down. Most workouts have a small competitive aspect to them (for time, repetitions, etc.) while some days will be partner or team workouts. Bootcamp does not include free access to workshops but you can attend for a small per-session fee.


Monthly Unlimited: $80

Student Monthly (under 18): $65

Bootcamp 10-Pass: $75

Bootcamp Drop In: $9

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pull-ups-01 The CrossFit Foundations Course Our On-Ramp foundations course is required for anyone who wants to do CrossFit and has not completed a similar course at another CrossFit affiliate. Both performance and safety are a top priority and we want you all to have a solid foundation to prepare you to do your best in CrossFit and prevent injury. Here you’ll be guided through all the foundational movements, introduced to the basic theory behind CrossFit, meet the community, receive some tips on nutrition and workup a sweat in the process.


On-Ramp is 6 sessions over two weeks, offered on alternating days. Each class is 1-hour and introduces key foundational skills such as front and back squats, deadlift, pull-up form, cleans, presses and a lot more. Sessions are not just theory or demonstration. You’ll be introduced to the movements, practice them, receive feedback and then use them in a WOD (workout of the day). On-Ramp will usually be offered at the beginning of every month depending on demand.


Group On Ramp: $175 -6 classes over 2 weeks  + 2 weeks access to unlimited CrossFit

Private On Ramp: $215 - 4 classes schedule with a coach + up to 2 weeks access to unlimited CrossFit classes.

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