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T-Shirt Anthology

We’re in the process of designing some new shirts and we started to think about what we have done over the years. The following images are a history of Amatak shirts and the people who gave them stories.

Download a PDF version.


Our Membership

People know one of my favorite things about Amatak is how diverse it is. I’ve lived and worked in Washington DC, Tokyo, Busan and spent a lot of time traveling or living for short times in Europe and throughout Asia– but this is the most diverse community I’ve ever been a part of.

So, I just ran through our current numbers and to even my surprise, found that we had even more diversity than I thought. As of right now, CrossFit Amatak has members from 33 countries!

#diversity #respect

– Corbett Hix




CrossFit Open 2016!

CrossFit Amatak is proud to have over 50 athletes participating in the 2016 CF Open! Here is a link to the Cambodia leaders board:



Olympic Weightlifting Seminars!

CrossFit Amatak is happy to host Ms. Cassidy Duffield (USA) to teach two Olympic Weightlifting seminars. Each session will consist of two 4-hour classes. Day 1 will introduce and dive deep into the nuances of the Snatch, and Day 2 will transfer this over to the Clean & Jerk.

Cass Poster COME 2sm

The format will be a mixture of demonstration and practice. You’ll be paired up with a partner so that you can also learn by observing others. Each session will have a maximum of 20 people and be taught over 4 hours with two short breaks.

This seminar is designed for beginners as well as those with proficiency in the Oly lifts– advanced lifters will also get attention on how to refine their form.


Space is limited and filling up quickly. Use the link to reserve your spot, please drop off payment the week before your session between 12PM – 6PM.


Some experience with foundation lifts is required. If you do not know what a deadlift is or have never front squatted with free weights, this is not the right class for you.

  • Experience with the core lifts with free weights (no machines) – squat, deadlift and press.
  • You know what Snatch and Clean & Jerk are, even if you’re not able to do them.

There is no strict age limitation but please inform us in advance for young athletes.

About Cassidy –

Cassidy has been competing in Olympic Weightlifting since 2013 but in that time has already won 1 national championship and holds a state and national titles in the United States. She currently is the head Barbell coach at SLC CrossFit in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). She has taught over 6 Olympic Weightlifting seminars in the United States and this will be her first venture into Asia.


Expanded Schedule, Open Gym and new pricing

Amatak Ladies & Gents:
We have a lot of changes happening that we are excited to share with you. These will go into effect Monday 18 May. Let’s dive into it!

New Schedule

We’ve all noticed classed getting full, particularly during the Prime Time classes at 6:30AM and 5:30PM for CrossFit and the 4:45PM Bootcamp. To help address this, we’re adding additional sessions, and shifting a few others around. These changes will go into effect starting next week on Monday 18 May.



It’s a new year, welcome 2015!

Apologies for not posting up for ages but wow, we’ve been busy. We opened our doors in August and now have over 80 CrossFit and Bootcamp members and continue to grow. After a little break over the holidays, we’re ready to hit 2015 with passion and have a lot in store for the new year.
If you’ve not come by in a while, last month we got 6 new Concept2 rowers that we’ve been using like crazy. In the next few weeks we’ll be getting a restock of kettlebells and other goodies for our WODs. And yes, t-shirts are coming soon, we promise, like for real. Also a sign in front of the gym (we know).


Last, we are in the midst of a new project at Amatak, the Kettlebell Café. The café will be soft opening later this month and we’ll be introducing the best coffee in the Toul Tom Poung area along with amazing paleo breakfasts and lunches so you can complement your hard work with the right fuel. The menu is led by our in-house chef, Mr. Olivier Tho who commanded some top kitchens in Paris (we’re super lucky). Keep an eye out and we’ll be sharing more as things progress!

Wall Sit
And most importantly, thanks to all of our members who have made us such a great success since our opening. Without your support and dedication, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Watching you all train hard, improve, and achieve your goals is what keeps us getting out of bed each morning (especially for those 5:30am classes). We’re so proud of all of your great work this year and are excited to see what you can achieve in 2015!
As always, if you’ve not stopped by to check out the facilities, we always offer a free-trial on Saturdays. Come by, get a workout, and learn about the benefits of CrossFit Amatak.

Mike, Jenny & Corbett


On-Ramp Graduation & Next Sessions!

We’ve now had our doors open just over 2 weeks and on Friday we graduated our first group of On-Rampers into CrossFit! This puts us at over 20 CrossFitters and more joining up this next session. If you want to join, we still have space left. The next On-Ramp sessions will be starting:

  • Tuesday 26 August (2 Weeks, T/TH/SAT)
  • TENTATIVE: Tuesday 9 September (2 Weeks T/TH/SAT)

Space is limited so sign up and reserve your space now!

If you have questions please contact us and you can always register for our next free trial class on the Get Started page.


– Coach Corbett & Coach Mike


WOD 23 August – “Cindy”

After Graduation of our first group of On-Rampers, we did a well-known benchmark workout “Cindy”. These will come up periodically so that athletes can measure their progress. We don’t just “workout”, we work to improve our fitness and performance and measurement is key to this. At CrossFit Amatak we’ll work with you to record your scores on these workouts, as well as your maxes on key lifts such as deadlift, squats (front and back), cleans and as people graduate on to the next level, the Olympic lifts.


20 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

Results are available here.


What program should I do?

We’ve received a lot of questions on what Program people should sign up for. So, a few quick responses on that.

First and foremost, we are a CrossFit facility. We believe the CrossFit approach will get you in this best state of fitness in our life. And we define health as fitness, so you’ll be the healthiest version of yourself as well. That being said, people are coming from different starting points or may just want to “test the waters” before making the financial commitment, we understand.

Who should do CrossFit?

Anyone who is serious and willing to commit to a serious change in their life. In CrossFit, we say we “program for the best, scale for the rest”. What this means is we can adapt our WODs (Workout of the Day) to whatever fitness level you are at. Over time, you will work your way up to the full Rx (“as prescribed”) weights that you will see the best athletes do.

Do CrossFit if:

  • You are ready to fully commit to a drastic change in your life.
  • You’re willing to commit 5 hours a week to your health.
  • You want to be stronger.
  • You want to be faster.
  • You want to improve performance in other sports or athletics.
  • You want to reduce back pain or other weak areas of your fitness.
  • You want to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Don’t do CrossFit if:

  • You refuse to sweat.
  • You give up when things are challenging.
  • You prefer to workout with an iPad while watching K-Pop and cat videos.
  • You need to look in the mirror as you work out (our mirrors are in the bathrooms, where they belong).
  • You will not commit the time and effort.

This is the truth – Our coaches will invest time, energy and emotion to make you the healthiest version of yourself, but this is a two-way commitment. We need you to attend classes a minimum of 3 times a week, but work up to 5 or 6 times a week. If you lay down the cash and do not show up, we may not renew your membership, really. We’re not piano teachers paid to deal with children who never practice and don’t put their heart into it. We and the community you will be a part of will commit to you, but it’s a mutual relationship.

Who should do Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a less technical high-intensity workout with less focus on strength (although there is some). Bootcamp is open to everyone to jump right in and is perfect for those who want to “test the waters” or just get a foundation in.

Do Bootcamp if:

  • You’ve not sweat in 3 years other than because of the Cambodian sun.
  • You think Coca Cola and water are the same thing.
  • You’re just passing through for a couple weeks, do not have a CrossFit background and want some guided fitness instruction (we have a 10-pass).
  • You’re not sure if you want to make the financial commitment to On-Ramp and CrossFit.

Don’t do Bootcamp if:

Bootcamp is beneficial to everyone but if you are already in decent shape, you should jump directly into the CrossFit “On-Ramp” course and move into CrossFit.


On Ramp is NOT an on-going program, it IS a 1-time CrossFit introductory course. Unless you have taken a similar course in the past three months or been doing CrossFit at an affiliate box for 6 months, this is required for all new CrossFit athletes. See our programs page for more info.

Thanks and let us know what questions or feedback you have,


– Coach Corbett